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Re: Bird Silhouettes on Glass

Has anyone witnessed a bird flying into their window?
When I was growing up we used to have birds smashing into our windows all the time, sometimes several times a day. The good news is that most small birds (sparrows, chickadees, nuthatches, etc.) escape unscathed, and fly off immediately. They seem to almost bounce off the glass, and the force of impact isn't very great becasue they have such a small mass. However, if the angle of impact is too direct, or the bird is larger, then there are more serious problems.

It's the big birds that seem to suffer the most damage. I remember one Boxing day morning years ago sitting with my family in the living room, when we heard an enormous crash come from the kitchen. We all rushed in to see what had happened, and when we established that everything in the kitchen was in order, one of my brothers happened to look outside. There was a merlin falcon lying in the snow under the window with an obviously broken neck. My brothers and I were very upset by this, and wrapped it up in a blanket to keep it warm. However, there was clearly nothing we could do, and it died within about an hour. And what did my mom do? (I am NOT making this up). She waited for the body to freeze (it was winter, after all) then moved it into our chest freezer. She eventually took it to a taxidermist, had it stuffed, and this bird now sits on top of a bookshelf in the kitchen, directly next to the window where it met its untimely death. The window, for the record, escaped the initial collision unharmed.

As for the decals, I've seen them in North America as well. They didn't make an ounce of difference at my parents house, so I suspect that a large part of the appeal is that people at least think they're doing something helpful.
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