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Tax after baby confusion

I am a non-EU/EFTA, B-permit holder working for a Swiss firm and earning well below the EF average of 120K. My wife isn't employed. I get my x% Quellensteuer deducted from source.

We had our first baby girl in April 2013. I was now eligible for y% Quellensteuer where y < x. My employer was informed immediately, but for reasons of unexpected documentation to be sourced from my home country, the birth certificate for my baby took almost 6 months to materialize. So by the end of October 2013 I submitted the birth certificate, and also the child allowance form to my employer. My employer, as what I would consider logical too, in October's salary reimbursed the extra tax (x - y%) deducted from April to September.

With child allowance, I was now eligible for z% Quellensteuer where y < z < x. In November's salary I started getting the child allowance. The backlog from April to October also came together in this salary. I got taxed at a higher rate than z because of this. Everything as per expectation up till now.

However, this year my employer tells me, that as per the tax office, they were completely wrong with the tax calculation and will have to make corrections. They took away all the extra tax that they had reimbursed in October (x - y%), saying that as per the tax office I am eligible for y (and eventually z) only after I provided the birth certificate and the child allowance request. Does this sound logical to anyone? I want to request for a reconsideration of this decision by filing my tax returns for the first time in the last 3 years that I have been here. Am I wasting my time or do I have some hope?
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