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Re: Shout out to...Message Board

Nope. It doesn't matter how many time you say it, or how much I read the explanations, I still don't get what you're trying to say with this 'shout-out' concept. What about your big brother? Who is "we" and what did you want to get him for? Does he actually read EF? If not, wouldn't it make more sense to actually say something, you know, like using normal words or something?
I think the "shout out" thing has been covered in earlier posts. Something akin to early 1990s 'Steve Wright In The Afternoon' "zany" plaudits for various people and their every day mundane or otherwise achievements. Motivation thing?

The Big Brother connection - don't know. Ratted out some NSA/secret police cell maybe?

EDIT: Here you go...

Big Shout Outs: Listeners send Steve messages via text or email. If the message is sensible and entertaining it may be read out. The likelihood of your message being read on air is greatly increased, if a phrase such as "Absolutely loving the Big Show" is included in the message. This feature is particularly enjoyed by bored workmen, spoof messages are often sent on behalf of their colleagues.
From here.

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