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You've got to be shitting me. You really think they do that when there's a cue of 20 people waiting for their skinny whipped 50-50 latte macchiato with caramel swirl?
Have you been to Japan? One of the best coffees I can remember was in a Starbucks in Tokyo. They got Japanese about it though, obsessive, precise and consistent to the point of robotic.

I am sure that the 'baristas' get training but they won't all take to it. You can teach 20 people something but not all of them will really 'get it'.

I do have a hunch though that they have not been taught about roast, grind, temperature, pressure, steaming milk etc. If they are trained then they are brought back down to the customer adjusted level of ignorance; how many times have I heard someone say 'can you make that extra hot?' - so, starbucks drone thinks everyone wants scalding hot coffee.
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