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Re: Bad manners from Forum members

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Yeah, it's funny that. I recently bought something from a member and it turned out he was leaving - nice guy. We had coffee and a chat once the deal was concluded, and after I felt it was a shame he was leaving as I wouldn't get to know him further.


When it comes to buying things from I generally think like this:-

Is it what I want at the price I'm prepared to pay?

Where is it, and if I make the journey is it still worthwhile and good value? Not being able to understand how to read a map or failure to understand the scale is no excuse. If you really can't then don't make an offer for stuff that's outside of your normal area of known navigation.

How long has the seller been a member here, and how many posts - the quantity of either dictates how far I'm prepared to travel, or how much money I'm prepared to risk in the case of delivery by post - it's discriminatory I know but...

For stuff that's going to be posted to you set a limit of the amount of money you can comfortably lose should everything go pear shaped - for me that's up to 200.

Once you've considered everything above only then should you make an offer, and then be committed to that offer.

There's really no excuse for being a total no show on the day that the transaction should take place, and it just smacks of arrogant expat if you don't show up. At least cancel a couple of days beforehand if you change your mind.
This really shouldn't be that hard. And yet, as I discovered long ago, if you:

1. Are a person of your word.
2. Show up on time.
3. Finish your work.
4. Inform people immediately if any of the above won't happen

Then you are a hero, not, as I was raised to believe, a "minimally competent human being," but bloody hero.

Note for the future - if I am selling in the marketplace, then any offer from Slaphead immediately jumps to the front of the line.
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