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Re: Bad manners from Forum members

Add me to the list of unhappy members. I'm currently selling a bedsofa on EF and the asking price is 40 chf. The bedsofa is worth a few hundreds, and the asking price is simply to cover the fuel and at least buy me a coke as I keep it in a storage in Zurich and I live somewhere else.

Buyer 1: interested, asks me a few questions and complains that the covers for the sofa are so much more expensive in CH than in US. Calls me "my friend" when telling me that the price is too high considering the price difference in the covers between CH and US. WTF? Not my problem - buy it from the US then. Tells me that he wants it still and we agreed on meeting on an evening. He then tells me a few hours before that it's raining so he doesn't feel like picking it up. Okay, forget about it then. 14 emails for nothing.

Buyer 2: interested, I'm very clear with my situation on the distance/time that I need to get to the storage. I work very early on mornings so I need my early bed time in the evenings but I agree on meeting at 20:30. On the day, exactly at 20:30, he tells me that he will be late. I ask him how much and he says "half an hour, maybe 45 minutes". Okay, I agree on waiting for him at the storage where there is nothing else to do. After working 12 hours and getting to the storage in time, he never calls or shows up. I end up coming home late at night and getting less sleep due to this d*****bag that simply thinks that his world orbits around his own bellybutton.

WTF is wrong with people? Where is the respect and the common sense or habits? I'm losing faith in humanity. I will make one last try with the bed sofa, otherwise I will literally throw it out on the street and forget about it.

Rant over.
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