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New York V Switzerland

I have the opportunity to move to NY after being in Switzerland for the last 3 years.
Being single and 40 the thought of moving to a 'proper' city is very tempting, especially regarding the social aspect.
It seems to me NY and Zurich are a bit like yin and yang.
For New York you have a large social scene, a feeling of true freedom, 24/7 opening hours and variety on everything from food to furniture.
Zurich however is a safe, clean, quite place with beautiful scenery for mountain biking and hikes. Oh, and money is good here too!
Both are a great place to explore, near and far away from the center.

So, anyone has any other points I may have missed? Preferably someone who has lived in both locations.

I just can't decide and would love to hear others opinions on it.
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