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Coop Supercard (MasterCard) problems

Hi guys,

Has anyone else had any problems, with using the Coop Supercard (MasterCard) ?

We've had huge problems with their customer service, and they refuse to accept they're doing anything wrong.

The Coop MasterCard comes with two annoying problems:

1. When trying to book holidays/flights using non-Swiss websites, the Coop MasterCard will automatically get declined.

So, trying to book using, or book flights with American Airline's own website was automatically declined.

Coop admitted that this is their standard policy (!!) as fraud is so high, particularly with travel websites.

They claim that what should happen is that the payment should be declined, but you should then get a txt message sent to you, asking you to ring Coop, and if you do so, they can manually make an exception for you, and you can force it to work.

We didn't always get such a txt message, and once when we did, we rang up Coop to ask them to let the payment through, and they charged us a couple of CHFs for the privilege of ringing their customer services line !!


2. My wife and I both told Coop we'd be going on holiday to Thailand for 10 days, gave them the dates, and told them to make sure that our two MasterCards would work over there.


We got there, and both cards were declined, every single time, on every transaction, even for small amounts. Coop suggested that perhaps each of these places we visited had "communication problems", and claimed that they had never messages asking for payments on our cards.

I told them, after having my Coop MasterCard declined, I used my UK Visa Card, and it worked every time. Why was that ?

"We can't comment on how other foreign credit cards are working."


In short, Coop refused to acknowledge that there's any problem at all, but we have had an endless stream of problems with (just) their MasterCard.

Seriously, a credit card, which is designed to automatically decline transactions from any travel website outside of Switzerland ?! What's the point of having a nice large credit limit, if you can't even book your family holiday on it !

Has anyone else suffered with problems like this ?

And, is there a good alternative credit card we can move to ?

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