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From a discussion on another thread. Please not euthanasia is not the same as assisted dying, and the strict and clear guidelines ensure that there is no outside pressure, and that it is only available when an illness is terminal.

Debbie Purdie would have, but instead she was forced to live in agony and not allowed to make the choice:

Debbie Purdy: Being allowed to die would help me to live

Debbie Purdy, in constant pain from MS, says last week’s proposals that GPs could help the terminally ill to die don’t go far enough

Euthanasia campaigner Debbie Purdy and her husband Omar Puente of Bradford, West Yorkshire. Photo: LORNE CAMPBELL/GUZELIAN

By Cole Moreton

7:30AM GMT 08 Jan 2012

We’re in the middle of a conversation when Debbie Purdy suddenly goes rigid. “Woah,” says her husband Omar, pulling her feet on to his lap and holding them tight. “It’s a bad one.”

Her face contorts and her back arches in her electric wheelchair. Then a few seconds later, it is over. “There,” she says wearily. “Where were we?”

Talking about the right to die, actually, in the wake of last week’s report by the Commission on Assisted Dying. But that’s not as grim as it sounds when you’re in the company of Debbie Purdy and Omar Puente.

Yes, she has multiple sclerosis and is in constant pain. Yes, she spends most of her days on the phone or computer at her specially adapted terraced house in Bradford campaigning for the medical profession to be allowed to help people like her kill themselves. But this feisty 49-year-old is full of wit and energy and – it must be said – life.

“I want to live for as long as I am able, actually,” she says, looking over at Omar, who is now massaging her feet. Their love story is a remarkable one, and it is visibly still unfolding. “Life is not a b----. I have so much to be grateful for. But I am in a lot of pain, there is a lot of suffering, and when the moment comes that I can no longer cope with all that, I want to be able to choose to end my life, knowing that the man I love will not go to prison for being there and helping me.”
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