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Re: EXIT would you consider being a member?

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And why would you need Exit for that?

There are countless cheaper/free ways of taking your own life.
Not if you are very old and frail, stuck in bed or in a wheel-chair at home, hospital or in an OAP home- stuck with MS, Motor Neurone or other terminal and debilitating disease.

Exit has very clear guidelines and procedures to ensure people have no doubt whatsoever, and that there are absolutely no outside pressures influencing the decision. Not wanting to 'be a burden' would not be sufficient at all.

Being a member of EXIT is also a good way to let your doctor, your close family and solicitor to know exactly how you feel, via a living will - so that it would be easier for close ones if ever you make that decision. Exit also gives great support for the family at the time. It is a choice, for some, and I agree not for all. I totally support the need and development of excellent palliative care. A choice.

When a member makes a request for assistance, a trained and unpaid volunteer will visit, and talk to the member on their own, to ensure there are no doubts and no outside pressures. They also check the medical condition with the doctor/s that the condition is terminal and/or totally debilitating and/or very painful, etc. Only when they are totally satisfied will they agree to go ahead- and make an appointment in a few days time- to allow the member to re-consider. On the day, the trained volunteer, some are doctors and nurses, some are not, will again discuss the whole thing with the member, ensure there is no hesitation or doubt, or outside pressures. Then, and only then, will they give the member the potion to take, and will stay with them to the end- where they want, their bed, favourite armchair, garden if totally private, etc- with the music requested, or being read their favourite poem- with or without family or friend/s.

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