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Re: Where to best locate one's business in CH ?


Just think of how successful Basel-based businesses are vs. their Zurich-based competitors (Basel is an _extremely_ quiet place): Coop constantly beating Migros, Swiss Bank Corp having defeated UBS, Novartis, Roche & other constantly in the top, vs. ABB, Phonak and so many others with their recurring problem stories.

Not really sure if one can say that COOP is constantly beating Migros. COOP had 2005 overall sales of 14.065 billion CHF vs Migros 15.6 billion. Swiss Bank Corp merged with UBS in 1998 and stopped trading under the Swiss Bank Corp name. Where a business is located will always depend on the product they are selling and the type of business it is. If it is a retail business than the common real estate motto "location, location, location" applies. If it is a manufacturing company, then it will depend on the product and where their raw material is coming from. While it has been recognized that employee satisfaction is related to better productivity, management's top considerations regarding where it locates its headquarters will normally be decided on what makes better economic sense. Point in question, a big Swiss pharmaceutical located in Basel recently decided to relocate the headquarters of their generic med group in Bavaria where they were offered better tax write-offs then the ones they could get in Basel. At the end of the day, the bottom line (profit) plays the major role.
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