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Re: The (Ice) Hockey Thread

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Happy to see a hockey thread on just joining the forum.
I'm a SJ sharks fan, still recovering from our awful choke after a 3-0 series lead over the Kings in the first round.
Locally I'm a Cardiff Devils fan in the UK's Elite League.
I'm hoping Montreal and Chicago can pull back to get two epic conference final game 7s though, and my favouring those teams over their opponents.

So what do I need to know about Swiss hockey?! I'm completely new to it part from tuning into the Spengler cup for the past three previous years.
I'm going to be in Geneva for six months so hope I can watch some hockey - perhaps with someone from this thread?

Here's my input about Swiss hockey (disclaimer: my opinion and experiences probably not absolute).

First of all, it's international rules, so you will have the wider ice and a spread out game, no-touch icing, no goalie trapazoid etc.

Hitting is not as pronounced, open ice hits are not as common. Because of this you will see a lot more dangling and finess puck-handling. (and a lot of heads down!)

The fans mirror football fans, with songs, chants, drums etc. and specific seating areas for each teams fans --- don't cheer or wear the opposite teams colours in the wrong zone! In more heated matches, the fans will be split up well before the venue with a strong riot-police presence. Hooliganism is much more common with hockey fans here.

Tempers and emotions still run high, so you will still get the great chirping and scrums after a play, but fighting is strickly not allowed, so any potential tilts will be broken up by the officials as soon as possible.

There is a promotion and demotion from the higher league levels based on season end performance.

Thats a quick syllabus from my experiences, I prefer NHL hockey personally or if I have the chance OHL or any other major-junior league---World Juniors always get the priority over new years for me!
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