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Re: Milk (dairy) & Egg allergy

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Hi, i'm just after some advice as me and my husband are thinking about moving back to Switzerland from Australia with our son (20 mths) who has a milk and egg allergy.

He currently drinks a prescription formula called Karicare Aptamil Pepti Junior which is a extensively hydrolysed formula. He is still on formula at the dr's request due to his low weight etc.

My question is does Switzerland have this type of formula or something similar? and if so what are the costs.

Also does anyone know anything about whether they have allergists and how one would go to see them?

I've checked Coop online and luckily they have soy milk & yoghurts available which are half the price of what we pay here! Plus the Vergusto cheese is half the price too YEY!
Migros (the other main Swiss supermarket) also has products which are egg-free and milk-free. See here. The products under "ohne Milch" (without milk) are milk-free and the ones under "ohne Ei" (without egg) are egg-free.

The Soja Line milk, whipping cream and yogurts
should be milk and egg free.

I don't know about formula though. Good luck!
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