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Re: Milk (dairy) & Egg allergy

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Thank you everyone for your replies.

I will try and take as many tins with me as I can and get him to see a Doc when we arrive. He's fine with soy so if we get stuck he can always have soy milk. I'm excited to see the dairy and egg free ranges available as we don't have many options here. E.g two types of soy yogurt (vanilla & blueberry), coconut yogurt (which I hope they have in CH as well). I also saw that there is an egg free mayo which doesn't have milk in it - all our mayo's have milk in them except one which is based on soy
Hi, I found some more mayonnaises which are egg and milk free: here

The soyana site seems to sell many products (tofu, rice milk, almond spread etc.) which are plant based and therefore milk and egg free. Take a look! I bet you can send them an email to ask questions if you'd like to.
I'm not affiliated with them in any way.
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