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How much actual change to the wiring system would there have to be though.

To my mind, I just assumed that these devices would be wired up more or less the same as current lightswitches / blind controls.

So you currently have say a standard push button that controls your lights, the plastic fascia of that would be removed and the 'smart' switch would take its place. You would do this for all the switches you wanted replaced.

I also thought the thermostat would be similar - instead of the cheap plasticky surround you get normally, you'd swap it out for one of the more slick ones i mentioned before, and just attach the old wires to the fancy new (say Lyric or Nest) fascia?

Finally, you'd need some box somewhere attached to your router, then it would receive signals from your phone / tablet and broadcast them to the relevant switches?

I might have the setup idea wrong though

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Surely, once you've set up underfloor heating, you don't ever need to touch the thermostats again?
We haven't changed our settings for three years.

I'm not criticising, but just wondered what benefit you were hoping to achieve?
Hi Tom,

Fair point. I would say though that in summer I would turn the underfloor heating off entirely and at various times throughout the rest of the year, I'd change with the seasons.

I would say the main benefit would be that you could maintain a comfortable temperature all year round, as most of the thermostats will have an onboard (or connect to a seperate module) thermometer / hygrometer and so if I say I like the temp at 18 degrees, I won't need to keep fiddling with a manual thermostat to achieve this, the system will do it for me, whether it is baking or freezing outside.

Also, as a small added benefit, I suppose if you go on holiday for a fortnight, you can turn it all off for 13 days and then set it via your hotel wi-fi on the last day so you can come home to a comfortable house and save on 13 days of heating bills.

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