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Re: Serious Speeding - New law, new fines.

Under the Via Sicura changes to the traffic laws, most were introduced in January 2014 (See this thread, above) but one has sneaked in starting 01 July 2014. (I will copy in the whole thing in case anything has been missed)
Similar to the laws in Germany, there will now be a panel of experts whom investigate serious driving offences. These include: Driving very fast (Twice the speed limit) Drunk driving with more than 1,6 parts per thousand. Driving under the influence of addictive drugs. These experts, mainly psychologists, have the powers to permanently remove your driving license.
__________________________________________________ ____________
Beginning 1 January 2014
the second packet of the traffic safety program "Via Sicura" is implemented. The corresponding measures are staggered into force. Included in the second package are the mandatory driving with daytime running lights, an alcohol ban on certain groups of people and the vehicle owner/holder liability for fines.

Alcohol prohibition for certain groups of drivers:
Driving under the influence of alcohol (≥ 0.10 parts per thousand) is prohibited for:
- Professional drivers (truck, bus, dangerous transport)
- New drivers (driving license holder on probation)
- Learner and student drivers
- Driving instructors and teachers
- Accompanying persons of learning motor cyclists

Compulsory driving with daytime running lights:
Motor vehicles (eg, passenger cars, vans and trucks, cars) and motorcycles have daytime running lights.
Exempted from this obligation are mopeds, E-bikes and bicycles, as well as vehicles that have been placed on the market before 1970. Anyone who violates the commandment to daytime running lights, shall be punished by a fine of CHF 40.

Owner's liability for fines (Note, the husband will have to pay for non working wife's fines)
Traffic fines must be paid by the owner or by the keeper of a vehicle, if the offending driver is not known.

Introduction of a claims history statement (No claims statement)
If you want to change the motor vehicle liability insurance, you can demand from the previous insurance company, a claims history or a free from damage declaration.
Beginning July 1, 2014

Compulsory clarification of fitness for driving
If you drive with a blood alcohol concentration of 1.6 parts per thousand or more, (Very drunk) there must be a clarification on your fitness to drive by an expert traffic practitioner. This applies also to other kinds of traffic crimes, Driving under influence of addictive drugs, Extremely fast driving (twice speed limit). You can be banned from driving for life!

(In June 2012, the Parliament adopted the Road Safety Programme "Via sicura". The measures contained therein to be implemented in several packages. The measures contained in the first packet in force since 1 January 2013. The second package comes in three tranches in force - on 1 January 2014, on 1 July 2014 and 1 January 2015 the Federal Council decided at its meeting today, the associated measures.. )
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