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Re: Renewel of permit denied - what now?

Just a quick note, as an expat, you will no doubt be expected to be able to support yourself fully. As you and your girlfriend are not yet married, you are not legally linked together. If they gave her a permit and then you split up (not saying it will or anything like that - but if you did split), then the government would have a lot of hassle dealing with it - and ergo would no doubt have to support a single woman who is unmarried and not a national of their country.

You see the dilemma here? If your girlfriend has had no reliable job for the last years of her B permit, has taken welfare help, and basically is relying on you when you're not married - there is absolutely no legal stability for them to base the decision on, as there isn't the best history to back up the application.

The best thing she could do if they do withdraw her permit is to go back to her homeland for just 1 month (you go with her and make a holiday of it if possible), then she would be allowed to come back for another three months to find a job or work temp while also looking for permanent. The moment your partner can prove she doesn't need help any longer from anybody (that she can stand on her own two feet), I have no doubt the swiss authorities in Luzern would hand her a new B permit and eventually a C permit.

You could either do the above, or simply just move your marriage forward - when you're married they can't refuse a B permit because of family reconciliation clauses within international laws. It will then become accepted that you should support your wife, and your income will then be counted too.

Whatever happens, I wish you good luck and hope you come out of all this standing!
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