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You're spouting a whole load of sh*t.

Why would his income be legally applicable to her living scenario? They're not married and she's not a dependent of his. Legally, they're roommates.
Because they have been living together as a couple (but this hasn't been registered) and their income would have been taken as 1, not separate, so she wouldn't have been able to claim the benefits. Instead, she showed that she lived on her own, she couldn't make a living and got benefits for her health insurance, but the reality is her boyfriend/spouse etc that they live together is making more than enough so she would never got those benefits in the first place.

So now, if they continue contesting the decision they will get into a lot more trouble.

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the views you represent are exactly what legitimates and feeds these systems that are continuously growing more and more impossible for regular citizens to comprehend. Do you read every terms and agreement you ever sign? If you do, you'd likely find that it would take you on average one whole month out of every work year. So I'm calling your bluff. It the system something is wrong with, not the people using it.

Idefix, you sound like you could need a hug. I won't even charge you.

OP, don't bother listening to this bunch of hoo-haa!
Yes I read all of them, ask the most important questions before hand and if I screw up I won't complain etc

The system is not wrong, the people are always the problem, because they don't take the time to find out what they are going into...

Is it really a free hug? I'd like a written note before hand

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