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Re: Malaysian Airlines MH 17 has crashed over Ukraine

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I agree, but I think those assessing risk did the best they could with the information at hand. With so few incidents in the past, the logical assumption (up until this event) was that neither Ukraine nor Russia would be foolish enough to target a passenger plane and would focus only on military targets. Prior experience also indicated even if someone wanted to target commercial traffic it would require a certain level of knowledge and weaponry.

As others have pointed out, thousands of commercial flights go over conflict zones every week without incident. Neither side has anything to gain by bringing down a commercial jet. My guess is it was an overzealous "rebel" with enough training to launch the device, but not enough intelligence to distinguish between military and civilian aircraft.
The European authorties have to asses the risk, how does a country like Malaysia know what is happening on the ground thousands of km away. The final route is with Malaysia, I agree. If it was a codeshare flight how much input does KLM have in this decision.

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