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Re: Hoping to move from Sydney to Zurich! Are we dreaming??

Welcome to the forum. No, it's not an impossible dream, you just need to do some research and forward planning.

Firstly, the job. Your husband will probably need to get his qualifications recognised. You can find the department that deals with this here:

I assume he speaks German so once the qualifications have been sorted out, it shouldn't be too difficult to job hunt from Aussieland. The main thing is to promote his Swiss nationality; he's much easier to employ than if he has Australian nationality. Try these websites to see what you can find. (change the Location setting to Switzerland)

Alternatively, if you have enough money saved up you could move here first and then look for work after.

This may also help you with sorting a few things out:

Yes, the kids should be fine, they're at the age where picking up a new language is really easy and the Swiss schools seem to be good at providing extra support if it's needed. You'll probably find they're fluent in around 6 months of starting school and making new Swiss friends.

I also suggest getting hold of a copy of "Living and Working in Switzerland" by David Hampshire. It's full of useful info for both before and after you move here. It can be ordered via your local bookshop or the Internet.

Can't really comment on the accommodation conundrum; Zurich will be more cosmopolitan, but expensive. Remember that most people live in apartments here so if you think you'd prefer a house then really you need to be thinking of Wil or other suburbs of Zurich where houses are more likely to be found - and be affordable! Another thing to think about re apartments is that most apartment blocks will only have communal washing/drying facilities for clothes and you have a set day/time when you can do your washing. With two young children is once a week or even once a fortnight going to be sufficient? Some newer places have washer/dryers in each apartment, but it's not the norm here yet. Renting a house would give you to the freedom to do washing as and when it's needed.

To move here your husband will need to apply for family reunification permits for you all. What you'll need in the way of documents will be similar to the list for EU nationals I would guess.

You may need your marriage certificate and the kids' birth certificates as well. You and the children will need to apply for Type D visas at the nearest Swiss embassy/consulate.
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