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Re: Income tax after change canton+marriage

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First you must contact both cantons to elect in which canton you wish to pay 2014s taxes, I think perhaps you have already done this as you have now received a bill in both your names from canton B.
Then you need to add your old tax bill from canton A to your husbands bill in canton B, the total will be higher than the actual amount you will finally pay, given that married couples are taxed slightly less than 2 individuals.
So, I think your new bill hasn't changed, this is probably because the new canton (B) doesn't yet know your final income as a couple for 2014. I suggest you call them up, send and give them your 2013 salary, so they can send you a corrected bill. Otherwise you'll find you receive a Huge bill at the beginning of 2015, when they eventually calculate how much you earned as a couple!!
Best wishes.
I think we will pay our 2014 tax in canton B because on their website it writes that the domicile and marriage status of 31 December 2014 will be used to calculate for all the year 2014 (so we will be treated as being married since 01/01/2014 and I will be treated as living in canton B since 01/01/2014).

When I move and register in canton B I asked them about what would happen to the tax but the lady was not very clear and said I should come again and ask at the end of 2014. I also called canton A in thinking that maybe they should reimburse my bills already paid during Jan/Feb, because canton B will finally calculate my tax as if I live there from 01/01/2014. But unfortunately they lady on the phone does not speak French (although canton A is canton BE where French is also an official language).
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