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Garden theft

Has anyone else been a victim of Swiss garden theft? About two hours ago, I suddenly noticed that a very large garden pot had disappeared from my clearly too accessible garden/patio. In the grand scheme of thieving, this may not sound much, but the pot was beautiful. It was hand made and contained an agapanthus, which makes me think the thief knew what he/she was doing (ie, not kids).

A pathway runs past the garden, used by my neighbours, and anyone walking along can clearly see what's there, so it seems probable that the thief lives nearby. At first I was very upset, now I am furiously angry. In my temper, I marched around looking at my neighbours' gardens on the slight chance that I might spot it. Of course, I didn't.

I am very tempted to report it to the police, but it sounds so minor that I'm afraid they would just laugh.