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Meanwhile, the public has been asked to be on the look-out for a prowler has been reported combing the gardens of Lucerne. She was described by witnesses as "kinda funny-looking".


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Whereabouts in Lucerne are you and are you sure it went today? I live in the LU countryside and we have what they call "Maibuben". On the night of 30th April the Maibuben (or May boys, if you prefer) go around the village and "steal" anything that is not tied down (and some things which are). If anything goes missing that night, one need only wander down to the roundabout and it will all be piled up there. It's a tradition in this part of the country. It's not meant as malicious but can be annoying. Our neighbours had to push their two steel refuse containers halfway across the village and last year they managed to get some kind of farm machine there!! Find out if you have this tradition there and if so your pot may be at whatever "presentation window" your village has! Hope this helps!
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