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...happened here too..... got our 2nd green wheelie bin stolen,the day of the emptying by the council, they come at 7.30ish to empty the green bins, at 8am i go out to put it away,and it's gone.... I was like you prowling neighbours gardens to see who nicked it,but to no avail.

I know of at least two friends who had a similar experience to you, where stuff was stolen from their gardens.

Police will not necessarily laugh at you as you fear,but comsidering that the excess of the insurance is 200.- for me at least it didn't pay to go and do all the fuss with an 'Anzeige'
I am going off to report it this morning. I think the pot cost about 150 (it was a present) but my excess is also CH200, so it's not worth the trouble.

I spoke to some of my neighbours last night and stuff has been stolen before (eg, bikes), but as far as I know not garden pots. Anyway, at least they all know and, as darkphoenix says, will maybe keep an eye out.

I now look suspiciously at everybody that walks past.