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Re: The Vet Thread (Recommendations)

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My husband and I just moved to Onnens in the Fribourg Canton and are trying to find a good vet in or very near Fribourg. I scanned through these threads but didn't see any recommendations for a good vet close to us (unless I missed something). Does anyone have any suggestions?!

We moved here with one nice cat , one mean cat , and one very sweet little rat terrier dog . All we need right now is a vet who can scan their European ISO microchips and register them on ANIS. Neither of us speaks German or French yet, so we would prefer someone who at least speaks enough English to help us with this.

As a side note...has anyone heard of Dr. Dirk Hamburger? We found his contact info here and made an appt with him within 10 days of our arrival to Switzerland. When we called him the first week of July, he quoted us 50 CHF just to scan the dog. We didn't even think about scanning the cats at that time (we were a bit overwhelmed and they were indoors). We kept our appt the day after calling him. When we arrived at his office, we waited for quite some time before he saw us (though there was absolutely nobody else in his entire office, not even a staff member), but then he quickly scanned our dog, found her European chip, reviewed our paperwork, and assured us he'd enter her ISO # in the ANIS database. He said we'd receive paperwork a few days later with confirmation she'd been registered and we could log into their site at that time to confirm her registration. He "offered" to have us pay that day. The price he gave was 40 CHF, which was a bit strange that it was lower than his quoted price, but then he told us he could only accept cash. Now, I don't know about Switzerland, but in the US, that's a huge red flag! He didn't push it though and since we said we didn't have that much cash with us (we did), he offered to mail us a bill. We agreed. Now, 3 weeks later, we still haven't received a bill, we haven't received confirmation of our dog's registration with ANIS, and when I checked their website today, there's no record of our dog. When I tried to call the vet's office today, I first got your typical sounds of a disconnected phone number all morning, then finally this afternoon, a gal answered but the connection was so bad it sounded like a Boeing 777 was overhead and she only spoke French. I could only repeat Dr. Hamburger's name, to which she just said "non".
Has anyone heard of this vet? Is he even legit?!
Here's his info:
Dr. méd. vét. Dirk Hamburger
chemin des Kybourg 10
1700 Fribourg
Tel.: 026 481 28 69
Fax: 026 481 29 64

You could try this vet.

Berther Mathias

médecin-vétérinaire consultations sur rendez-vous
route de Corbaroche 14
1723 Marly
Phone: 026 436 46 13 Fax: 026 436 52 30


He used to be our vet when we had a cat. He speaks good English, although I don't think any of his staff do. He's a fair way from your base though.

Dr. Hamburger is listed in the phone book so I guess he's legit. Bills tend to be sent out towards the end of the month as they're usuallly paid on the 28th of the month so you might get something in the next few days.
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