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Re: How to deal with neighborhood kids (long)

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Once I caught a couple of kids that rang at our door and ran off. I followed them across the street and saw them running into a neighbor's house. I rang at the door and their mother answered. I politely asked her to let the kids know that it's not ok to constantly ring at our door. I expected an apology but instead she totally freaked on me, calling me an inconsiderate a*****e, told me I should talk directly to the kids because she's not willing to do so and basically slammed the door in my face. Later that night she actually came over to me again and shouted at me again - telling me what a lousy neighbor I am because I didn't first introduce myself to her when I came over etc.
I think you did the right thing -- check where the kid is living and approach the parents, except that you're so unlucky to run into a lousy mom. I bet there won't be hundreds out there but at most 10 or 15...what you could do is to take some trouble in really serious locating them, catch them and take them to their parents and give a polite warning. take them to police station when it happens next time. almost all kids including those not respecting parents would usually be afraid of police especially when they know you know their addresses. This is a more long term solution.

I once almost got hit by a big snowball (10cm from my head) while i was pregnant. I spot the kids, went straight to their apartment, rang the door bell and told them that I was going to call police if they did it again and from then, I never get hit again
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