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UK Law advise - delivery company damaged car

Here's the story

I hired a company to pick up one of my cars to take back to the uk so a specialist can do a complete overhaul and finally fix its various oil leaks.

The company picked up the car on a flat bed (late) and the agreed delivery date was 3 days later, that came and went with no contact, lots of ignored phone calls, texts, email etc later and they finally phoned on sunday saying they will deliver yesterday, oh, and can I please pay them now via a bank transfer - I politely refused, I has a sneaky suspicion all was not well in Kansas.

So scroll forward to yesterday and the car is delivered, the garage is straight on the phone to me as the bumper has been ripped off, it looks like it only the outer skin but its beyond repair, it'll need a new one and repainted and the very least. Delivery company admit its 100% there fault, they will pay etc etc

The cheeky ****** delivery guy asks to be paid!!! I fob him off saying I'll do the transfer now.

Now the delivery guy spoke to the garage about the cost to repair, the guy gave a rough estimate of 200 if he can get the 2nd hand parts and nothing else is wrong etc etc and here's where it all goes titsup

We can't get the 2nd hand parts, and a new bumper alone is 300 (unpainted), the trim is unavailable and needs to be sourced 2nd hand and we have no idea what other damaged there is under the bumper (eg headlights, radiator, steering arms etc)

Delivery company are now refusing to pay, and just threatened me with legal action if I don't pay them in full now (ie today) either minus the 'agreed' 200 repair, or minus 50 excess from there insurance co.

Its going to get very messy indeed if there insurance company get involved as they will not be able to source the parts to fix it, and the car is worth 5x more here then it is there, so they will more them likely write it off (the garage has already said this)

Now I'm not going to pay them a penny until the car is back in the condition it left me.

Realistically what can they do? I have no assets or address in the uk, I'm 100% living here, they are a UK company with no office etc here I'm pretty sure they can't do a thing, and any lawyer with half a brain would tell them not to be dicks??
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