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Re: Wi-Free by Cablecom, the good, the bad and the ...

If you read cablecom site it says:
The “shareconomy” principle

The more people who participate, the more each individual benefits. If you authorise the second Wi-Free network on your modem, you have free Internet access wherever anyone else authorises it. Through the numerous upc cablecom customers, Wi-Free is available at numerous locations throughout Switzerland and is constantly expanding – with every new customer.

So if you share you benefit or vice versa.

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Hi All,

I just read a cablecom media release about Wi-Free, the newesh expansion of free wifi offer from cablecom, covering supposedly all of Switzerland come October.

Now everything looks nice and handy until one realizes that they will use the customer's wifi unites to broadcast the new wifi signal, again not a big issue! although the discussion can go on forever over how secure is the customer's private/home network and whether or not hackers can have a field day with this type of setup.

However what I find worrying is the fact that by default the customer's unit is automatically enabled to broadcast Wi-Free signal without the customer's approval. those of you with cablecom should have a look at their account (My upc> My products > Wi-Free).

I know it is their equipment but I am paying the rent/service fee hence it should be under my control until I ask for help or request otherwise or am I wrong here?

For people in the know & experience & simply have an opinion. What are your thoughts?

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