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Re: Family Friendly places to visit in Switzerland

Hi to everyone!

Last weekend we visited Abbaye d'Hauterive
I;ve written about this trip in my blog:

Finally come Sunday and we went out to discover new sites and new experience. This time we've decided to visit the Monastery of L'Abbaye d'Hauterive, which is only 18-minutes away from our home.

The day was cloudy but warm. Soon we arrived. I was amazed by the size of the Abbey. It is the oldest active montasty in the western Switzerland. Built on a meander of the Sarine (river) it occupies a typically enchantress Cistercian site, where nature realises a happy harmony between water, vegetation and stone. In fact, it takes its name (alta riva, in Latin, "high bank") from the presence of an imposing cliff sculpted by the waters that shuts the site, like a insurmountable barrier, the site from the south.

L'Abbaye d'Hauterive was founded by William de Glane between 1131 and 1137. It was closed in 1848 by the decision of the government of Fribourg radical. The premises have been used for the school of agriculture, then as a regular school.

In 1939, the Abbey has been restored monastic life. You can learn more about the life of the monks and visit the heart of the monastery by organizing a visit with a guide.

Work and prayer is a typical monk's day.

In the church, with huge stone ceilings were unusually quiet, only the crackle of burning candles broke the age-old silence. Visitors came, silently sat down on the bench and prayed ....
Time seemed to stand still. There were no sounds of outside world, nothing reminds about that today is 2014. Inside of the church was the same silence as centuries ago ....

There is a small shop where you can buy wooden figurines, crosses, rosaries, icons, made ​​by the monks, as well as freshly baked bread.
Come feel the quietness of Hauterive Abbey. It is worth a visit!

Abbaye d'Hauterive
Chemin de l'Abbaye 19
1725 Posieux

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