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Re: Sunday Afternoon Five-a-Side Football, Zurich

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I think the effort that Uncle Max has made in organising the Sunday footy gives him the right to try and make it more enjoyable for those who turn up.
Definitely true, but don't forget that the very same game was happening before Uncle Max began organising it. We were already off and going before Dom became involved. Having said that, he has organised and publicised the game really well via the RSVP (the thread we had was spiralling out of control), but the fact is that without krlock and another half dozen of us, there wouldn't have been anything for Uncle Max to improve.

All I would say is there are about 6 or 8 of us that must've played 20+ times since it started - we'd just like a say, thats all. You've gotta keep those people on board.....

I'm definitely gonna come along to the FIFA Saturday night game at some point, I've just had my hands full so far since it started - but I'm looking forward to giving it a go, and I know a few of the other lads are too.
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