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Re: Non EU work permit processing time and chances of approval

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The fact that the company submitted all of the paperwork for you is in your favor.
I beg to differ. Having worked in this area, I've seen plenty of permit applications being handed in just for the sake of "trying", all the while well being aware that it won't work out. And that was in almost all cases because the business who was interested in the candidate outright refused to accept HR's input and assessment that chances of approval were slim to none and/or was simply too coward to tell the candidate that there was no chance. So they handed over that responsibility to the "bad bad migration office" (and "bad bad HR")

OP, there is no estimate as to what your chances are. No one here can give you that and not even the migration office can.

Generally, as a relatively recent graduate, you don't stand the best chances. Sorry for being so direct, but it's reality. I understand you graduated some 1.5 years ago and are as such very junior, very early career and generally speaking, for respective roles, there are plenty of suitable candidates in either Switzerland and if not here, then certainly in EU/EFTA. That is some 400 million people alone.

That being said, it might work in your favor that you've been with the company for a while already, albeit not locally. There seems to be enough specialization to maybe favor you over other candidates - although frankly, everyone claims that the job requires a specialist and it's often not exactly true. Strategy generally isn't a specialty where there's a severe shortage of talent, though of course in a specific situation, industry, market or company it might just be - I guess this is simply up to whoever assesses your application at the migration office. And if your company has indeed done a proper search on the Swiss and EU markets and can indeed prove that there were no suitable candidates, this application might just be approved.

Again, no estimate can be given by anyone and even if it could, what good would it do if anyone here said "you have a 35% chance of getting the permit"? It doesn't help.

Your HR doesn't have a solid take on the timelines - 3-4 weeks is NOT realistic, it is 6-8, sometimes even 10-12 weeks. You can't expedite the process. You can start inquiring once the minimum time (6 weeks) have passed, but even then I wouldn't expect too much feedback. It takes however long it takes - and that will likely more or less be the answer you'll get from the authorities too... So wait and be patient, fingers crossed...
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