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A potential tax situation and advice

Having been resident in CH now for nearly 7 years with family and hold a C Permit, I now find myself with a difficult career/family choice ( which I am not looking for guidance or comment on ; but as a price for some good advice I guess I am going to get it ).

We love our life here but my company is being bought and roles are no longer available here , but my children are at a point where leaving is not good for their education

I have an opportunity in Amsterdam but wonder about the tax implications of working there Monday to Friday , but my wife and children would stay in CH until the kids schooling is completed .

I know this will mean I have high costs but am not sure about where my income would be liable for tax , ( my wife does not work ) if I want to retain residency in CH. ( can I even do this ? )

Probably long term we look to stay in Switzerland to retire etc and had been setting up plans to do so until this inconvenient move by my company !

I am assuming I would pay wealth tax etc in CH as today

Has anyone got such experiences of working like this ? And would appreciate some factual comments and areas that should be a watch out. Before I get told I will go to a tax advisor but wanted to tap into this knowledge base first .

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