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Re: American professor denied Swiss citizenship

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Nope. It's not meant to be taken seriously. Integration is meant to be taken seriously. The interview is supposed to be an honest assessment, you should not have to study for it - it's not a test of intelligence or learning, it's a test of integration.
It is actually a subtle mixture of both- having done the assessment training for our area. And my interpretation would probable vary hugely from my 'colleagues''. The decision was not a 'Swiss' thing but based on the assessment of a small handful of people. They were clearly not 'racist' as many others were accepted from very different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Not sure about Einsiedeln, but when OH applied for his naturalisation, and a cousin of mine too, they had to give a couple or more of personal referees from the community- who could be approached to ascertain OH's involvement with the community over a long period of time and since his arrival here. If the only referees given were from Zurich, he would not have helped much.

Talking about 'racism' or discrimination- there is nothing that gets more up local noses here than a Genevan who comes and make ridiculous demands here and view the locals from the top of their Genevan nose. I'd imagine same in Schwyz with Zurchers. Those who get stuck in will me more than welcome- but those who don't will not (we can argue if this is right or wrong, of course. Those Genevans who've come to retire here, or just come for hols and week-ends, and start petitions about taking the bells off the cows, stopping the Church bells from ringing and complaining about farmers muckspreading, etc- and on top of that do not pay their taxes here- certainly do *iss people off big time, lol).

I don't expect people to be able to compare systems of government etc, but if they choose to apply for the nationality of another country, I would expect to know something about the systems there, be it gvt, health care, education, basic culture, geography and history. If you've lived in a country for 30+ years- you should really have some clue! Are the Swiss people you are talking about applying for another nationality, no!

NO decision will be made on failing to answer any specific question- but an overall 'feel' for a basic understanding and integration. People will often say they've failed due to ONE (or two or three) silly question/s- but in reality this does not happen. It is a combination of lots of factors. Same for driving test, to some extent- one reason might be cited on paper, but it is probably not the whole issue.
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