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Re: Mountain Bike Meet 13th May 2008 [Uetliberg]

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Yea, I was up there last night too. There is a gravel free line to the right on that section. I nearly missed it on Tuesday night, but was prepared for it last night.

What caught me out last week was they added two switchbacks to a section of trail that was straight on Tuesday evening. So Wednesday evening I come along confident that the trail is still straight at that point carrying a little speed... and suddenly realise the trail isn't straight anymore!!! Sharp left wheels struggling for grip... too late to get a foot out... Sharp right.... oh sh!t theres a small drop before turning sharp left again back onto the old trail. Just about held it together... but it was interesting for a second!

This week they even added some small steps there to make it more "interesting"
Yeah that section right before you come out on the boardwalk caught me by suprise as well, pretty steep followed by a hard left, almost went over the bars on that one. I went up today to get one last dry run before the rain. They added a little bridge on that jump right above the play ground (before the manicured section, jump (drop) is to the right) it used to be a gap but now its do-able, fun. Had to do that section twice. This time I had a lot more control in the air. (both times) My breaks still suck ass, need to order some new ones soon. We should call it the craker jack run, a new suprise with every box. LOL
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