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You are right.
The notification period in the rental contract is actually a practical joke for foreigners.
A typical example of Swiss humor.
I don't agree with you as an example of "Swiss humor", as this rule is also present in other Countries and protects the interests of both the owner and the tenant and is a fair rule. But since the owner and the tenant are obviously on two different levels, usually the rule is more protective towards the tenant: she is the one at risk of not having a place to stay. I asked if it's the same here.

I don't know if you intended to be ironical as "practical joke for foreigners", as I didn't want to be disrespectful of the rules or the Swiss at all. I asked a question.

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You can move whenever you like, but contractually you are obliged to pay rent on your current apartment until the end of the notice period (Kundigungsfrist). However, if your landlord is keen to take possession, s/he may be happy to shorten the Kundigungsfrist. Just ask!

Is the "new" apartment available immediately? Usually you'd have to wait for its tenants to move out.
Thank you for your answer!

Actually mine is quite a peculiar situation: I was on a "sub-rental" agreement (Untermietvertrag) with the Hauptmiter (the "main tenant"). I used to pay him an amount and he used to pay the owner; the difference was intended for use of his (maint tentant's) furniture. Of course the owner knew about it.

Then the main tenant decided to step down from the sub-rental agreement, he noticed me at the beginning of October, and asked for a meeting with me and the owner that occurred some 20 days later, still within the month, in order to make me sign the new rental agreement with the owner. At the meeting the owner asked me for my personal data when the main tenant was not yet there. I gave my data, and then he asked me "When do you want to start? 1st of November?", and I said "OK".

Then the main tenant arrived and said that the contract with me and the owner was a question between me and him, and he didn't want to get involved. At the same time, I agreed with him to pay an amount for his furniture and that I would transfer the amount asap, which I did. He didn't object.

Now the former main tenant realized that the start of my new rental contract is 1st of November, and he is complaining that I didn't respect the Termination Notice period. I find it totally balooney, as he was here when I signed the contract and explicitly said he didn't want to get involved in that, and never explicitly mentioned when the new contract was starting.

Moreover, I don't see why I should pay an increased amount to the main tenant for his furniture if I have already bought it...

So that was the sense of my question. I am kind of the "new tenant" of the home I was living in, just with another agreement.

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