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Re: Notice period for apartment [Kundigungsfrist]: moving out before the 3 months not

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Hi all,

I was wondering, there exist the Kundigungsfrist for apartments, in which the owner should tell you 3 months in advance at least that he wants you to leave. If I however find a new home already before these 3 months, can I move in that apartment already? Or should I wait the 3 months?

I find it hard to believe that I have to wait 3 months, as finding an apartment is not like buying milk at the supermarket... you don t get one when you like.

It's exactly the same for us poor owners when you tennants want move out with no notice.

How would you like it if i as a landlord told you to clear off with 1 month notice as i'd found some beter paying tennant ?

The law works both ways.....
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