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Re: Are the rumours about swiss people true

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wow, quite a few hurtful prejudices in this thread, I am astonished at how some people see us!! .
The posts are subjective opinions. The basis for them are personal experiences. Therefore, I don't think the points they make are anything anyone can refute. This isn't a conspiracy. Disparate people invariably express similar experiences. Rather than try to refute the points that are made, it might be easier for you to try to understand by looking at how these opinions might have formed.

I've met foreigners here who come from all levels of society within their home country. Those who come with higher expectations seem to complain the most here. Those who were not happy with their status in their home country seem to have the least complaints here.

If you are Swiss, and you read these complaints, your first response is probably to get offended. You'd probably like to scream "Go home!". But there is a merit in the complaint you probably overlooked. Ironically, I believe most of the complaints come from individuals venting frustration over their attempts at integrating here. In other words, they WANT to integrate but can't!

I'm sure most would agree there are certain characteristics of Swiss culture that make it challenging for foreigners to integrate. The joke of it all is that the foreigners never really will integrate. They can achieve citizenship status, but they never really will become Swiss, will they?

The foreigners here are now a sub-culture of Switzerland. But there is a tendency among some of the local Swiss to treat the foreigners as an underclass. The problem with that idea is that many of the foreigners are highly educated, highly skilled and have a much broader life experience. If anything, some foreigners feel the Swiss need to learn a thing or two.
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