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Re: London vs Zurich

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Much of Europe, and perhaps England more so, was the 'third world' by the standards of those days. No wonder there is a certain significance to the term "The Renaissance". Otherwise this term wouldn't have been coined.

That change came about because England was now flush with money. Money that was accumulated from the plunder in the East and down South. It was more successful than the French and the German, the Spanish and the Portugese, the Dutch and the Italian in this endevour and hence it was possible for it to establish this 'cultural' hegemony that you are alluding to. About best of the brains from the whole world.. it will be really interesting if you could list down 5 great Chinese or Indian or Iranian person who achieved some distinction in England in the 17th century (Certainly you aren't suggesting there were no good-brainers in these countries).

So what happened to this culture post WW 2 that first Japan, then China and now even India, Brazil, Indonesia have gone past UK?

The sequence is palpably clear 14th century --> Economic backwaters --> inventions and discoveries --> Success in Colonialism --> Industrial revolution --> Lots of wealth --> Development of Edwardian 'culture' --> Strife in Europe --> World Wars --> Impossible to maintain the colonies --> Freeing the colonies --> The colonies little by little inching toward economic emancipation --> Eclipsing some of the erstwhile super-powers --> 21st century...
What do you mean Indonesia Brasil, China and the others surpassed the UK? You cannot compare countries by Nominal Gdp because the population numbers are different. Instead, use GDP per capita Then we can talk again.
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