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Re: London vs Zurich

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I will say this too; I get where you're coming from because I used to be like you and would throw the word racist in whenever difference was brought up.
Nobody threw the word racist around because we have different opinions. The problem is that your opinion is that white people are superior to the rest. That simply is racist by definition. I can be tolerant to pretty much any opinion, but only if people are at least consistent about it. If you are a racist at least accept and embrace it instead of all the bullshit you are trying to turn it into. Only then can you have stringent arguments. "I am no racist but Europeans are simply better than Asians" is nothing but idiotic.

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Guys you need to live in the political and economic present. The world is changing fast and you guys just seem outdated.
Welcome to Switzerland. If you do not like the past do I highly recommend you to choose another country to move to. It feels like the 1960s there in many ways.

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I'm interested in the world today and how it got here. One of the reasons I'm single is because I spend a lot of my spare time reading books especially by non-western authors about politics and economics. It's also partially part of my job.
Yeah, blame it on the books. So far we established that everything bad in your life has been due to society, culture and of course them bloody Asians... if you think life just falls into place by itself if you move to Europe are you in for some hard surprises...

Look, let's put this into simple terms - when you asked a completely sensible question at the beginning of this thread did I think to myself: I live in her city and have lived in Zurich for seven years. I could answer all her questions on the city over a coffee if she is interested so let's see how this turns out...

And boy did it turn out! I had tons of beer in real life with people from this forum, many of which I have very interesting debates and have very different political views than I do. But if you are anything in real life like you are online are you the type of person I really rather don't have a drink with. Not just because of your racist views but hysteric arguments, simply annoying style and attention whoring. The reason you are single is neither books nor Asians: If you behave in real life anything similar to here are you simply not a keeper.
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