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Re: London vs Zurich

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So honestly Trevarus and Izabella f*** off.
That is uncalled for. Your posting on an Internet Forum, soliciting feedback, and when offered honest feedback you don't like, you get angry and insolent. I think you're asking for a spanking.

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Sorry about my English. It is probably full of typos and other mistakes but I'm trying to tell you what I know.
I love this post. Full of Eastern European gravitas, and I can almost hear an accent. Lots of flavor. Reminded me of Red from Orange is the New Black. Would you consider a change of avatar?

I also like this Sudeepta's 'Regards':

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I always have regards for my fellow EF-er. And somebody might be reading any particular post for the first time.

The mannerisms of an Indian gentlemen. Again, flavor and culture.

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I think I just found him. Social butterfly who knows how to approach a woman and will burn up any dance floor.
And those K-Pop girls...Wow! They look small, cute and gentle. But they are firey foxes.

In a diverse international group of individuals, these cultural characteristics are assets that broaden perspective. I see no threat in them. They extend reach. I see no ground to hold Izabella responsible for what Vladamir Putin is doing, nor can I blame Sudeepta for some perceived injustice in India. I would much rather have wide diversity and perspectives than a whole bunch of square pegs trying to fit into round holes. Diversity is what makes up an A-Team.
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