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Re: Children after Separation/Alimony

> Easy. I wrote vulnerable person, you read vulnerable woman. In my opinion this is nice illustration where is the source of your delusions. You see ploting women everywhere. I mean, maybe you are single for too long*

lol, now you are making unfounded assumptions (you are a woman) :-)

No, I am not single.

> Basicaly and very simplifed, life during marriage is shared, so is everything that you gain in the mean time. When you divorce, all of this will go on half.

I don't agree with that. I'd definitely get a prenup which clearly defines who gets what.

>Childern are separate case and both parents take their part of responsibility for them.

Agree there.

If one of the parterns (please read this time carefully: man or woman) put his career into the background to take care of domestic things than he or she is often compensated for this.

Most of this decisions are conscious and in mutual agreement between partners. You can also choose more balanced job/domestic life and in that case the after divorce obligations will be different.

If the man, for example, wants it that way, fine. If he says, dear wife, please stay at home and look after the children then he has to deal with what that will mean at crunch time.

If the woman also wants to be fully dependent on the man for her finance that's her decision too.

> *Don't be mad, it is Friday

I'm not mad, I'm amused by this thread and reassured in my decision to not want to get married.
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