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Re: German plate car with Swiss driving license

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It's one thing being too lazy to search the forum, but too lazy to search your own thread...
.. well actually I read the entire forum and there is not a very clear answer to my precise question. Maybe I was not very clear, or maybe you just didn't read it careful. Anyway, let me try again.

First of all, my question is not to evade taxes in Switzerland. The issue arise because I want to make use of my car on track days in Europe (Germany, France, Italy), and to do so I need to perform some changes to the car: better brakes, lower suspensions, etc.. in particular BRAKES are very very important.

Now the problem is that Switzerland does not accept TUV certificates, so a brake that is legal in the entire Europe is not legal here, EVEN IF IT IS SAFER AND STRONGER. The STVK says that I need a DTC or FAKT, that is a certificate valid only here, and that might cost 12.000 CHF (not exagerating).

Now, I understand that my car should be safe on the street, and I also understand that if I change something STVK has the right to see it and be aware about it. What I don't understand is why should I pay 12.000 CHF to install something that is CLEARLY safe and absolutely legal in ALL Europe.

So, given that, I am trying to see if there are ways to have a car with a EU plate so that I can avoid to have these issues with the STVK. In most places in the forum people just say no. OK - but for example what happens if I get a German car and I keep it in Germany for most of the time, using it only for track days? I can buy a Garage close to the border where to keep it and I can use it mainly in Germany. I will only need time to time to cross Switzerland for example to go in Italy, but this will be just a crossing, that meas the car will stay in the country for 4 hours maximum.

Another way maybe is to have a leasing in Germany. I think I cannot import a car that has a leasing in Germany, because the car is not mine - am I right? So this maybe can solve my problem.

In summary, any suggestion to what I can do to be able to have a car for track-days living in Switzerland and being able to drive it mainly in EU?

Thank you.
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