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Re: How did your dog settle?

Glad to hear that you are doing the SKN course right away - a good introduction to canine life here.

Could I also recommend continuing with organized dog activities regularly, perhaps a dog sport or something like Familienhund, which is a mix of activities, brain-training, a bit of each of the dog sports, traditional OB exercises, and lots of fun thrown in?

I suggest regular classes as this is often a great way not only to help your dog settle in, but also gives you a chance to meet like-minded folks as you settle in. Grabbing a coffee with another owner after class is the easiest way to break the (social) ice.

I will second Odile's and Mrs D's advice of looking for a house if that is at all within your budget, even if it means a longer commute. Your life, and your dog's, will be far easier if you have a private garden. Were it me, I would make finding a house/garden a priority.

Yes, lots of dog owners here do live happily in flats - it does, however, require a level of committment that you need to be prepared to take on. Expectations - of you, of your dog, of how one lives in relation to others - may be different here to what you are accustomed to at home. Living in a flat with lovely neighbors who like you and your dog is certainly do-able. Living in a flat with neighbors who hate dogs can be hell on earth. Make sure you understand your neighbors' attitudes, as well as the landlord's rules, before signing on the dotted line.

(Of course this can apply to houses and neighborhoods as well - relations with neighbors can make or break your experience here.)

If you choose the greater ZG area (which, depending on whether you drive or need to take public transportation, could include bits of AG, ZH, SZ, even LU), you are fortunate in that there are excellent vets and even doggie day care services in the area. See these threads for suggestions:
Vet and Pet Sitter Needed in Zug

My mutts' favorite ZG walk, by the way, is the Aegrisee /Raten Pass area. Especially in the snow.

All the best to you and your doglet, hope you enjoy your Swiss adventure.
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