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Re: Pegida marches against Islamisation of Europe

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...but there are also very legitimate questions to be asked about the likelihood of successfully integrating relatively large numbers of peoples coming from cultures that are in many ways inapposite to the cultures into which they are expected to integrate. and, more and more, those questions are being asked not by "right wing radicals" or "facists" but rather by reasonably intelligent and open-minded individuals having a genuine interest in preserving what they consider to be their own culture.
I agree that this conversation needs to take place, taken away from extremists who have malicious intent. The only problem is that EVERYBODY considers themselves to be at the center. A moderate can appear to be an extremist to an extremist. The value of free speech in is rational and intelligent dialog. It should not be prevented and should be encouraged.

I don't think it is in anybody's place to determine that someone's concern is not valid. Let them air it out if they want.
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