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Re: Research on experiences of employees contracted via Kelly Services at Novartis.

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Certainly I will differ to your expertise.

It's all the talk of "rumors" that somehow everyone "who has spent and time in Switzerland should know" about and her mentioning that Novartis working with Kelly Services is impacting salaries "in Switzerland" (if my memory is correct, I didn't go back and check) that sort of raises questions.

If you are in Basel, these two companies might have some sort of impact. I doubt they make an impact on all of Switzerland. If her goal is to find out the impact multi-nationals using interim companies for staffing on the employment market in Switzerland her project is flawed. She should be including more companies and interim agencies.

Of course if she wants to spend time on a flawed premiss that's her business. I think though that many on this thread question if that is really her motive.

Not that I agree that everyone should pile on.

This. Basing a research premise on a rumor and single pair of observations suggests to me the need for some due diligence as preparation. But the OP said qualitative research .... So maybe this is the due diligence step. But still....rumor based research? I've done more quantitative methods myself, though i respect qualitative methods when done well.

Could be semantics, although this many people balking at language and intent suggests a problem there too.
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