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Re: Health Insurance - first 3 months...once again

All the official state documents re insurance contradict you. Legally it should make no difference if you go through broker or not. To be honest, this annoys me so much that I shall investigate after Christmas. We were clealy told from all sides we had to be insured from 1st day of month of arrival, and although we arrived on a 29th, had to pay from 1st. The Law is no different for brokers or individuals. My niece organised our Insurance, and she has been working for one of the main insurers for 30+ years- I am sure she would have told us if we could get away for not paying from beginning of month of arrival... and not for months either. The law is the same for all- vraiment.

Could you post a link here showing that the Law does not apply to brokers? Merci. Just find me and post the evidence here.
"All the official state documents re insurance contradict you". I... agree. The health insurance law says than resident people must be insured for health. It's means than people must be insured for health immediatly when they become residents. At the first day of residence. But because it takes time for to receive the residence card the law says than the must apply for an health insurance within 3 months. The insurance normally need to start at the first day of arrival (the day of residence in fact).
There is no different law for individuals and brokers (or agents or insurance companies).
But the fact is : 1) if you go to an insurance company office they would ask to start your insurance from the first day of your arrival. 2) if you apply for insurance trough a broker you are often able to start your insurance few months after your first month of residence. 3) the insurance company do what he wants. If they want to start the insurance on the first month of residence (according to the Law and according to the date mentioned on the residence card) they can do it. But they don't do it... The cantonal health insurance services do also what they want. When they see than the health insurance starts 3 or 4 or 5 months after the begining of the residence statut they can say NO. But they never say no if the insurance starts within 6 months...
Interesting information : If the new resident has serious (and costly) medical problems within 6 months after he becomes a resident - but he is still not insured - he can ask to the insurer he wants to start the insurance back to the first day of residence. The same even if he has started his insurance few months after he became a resident.
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