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Re: Westminster Paedophile Ring

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I just think that even if some of the allegations are true it is hard to accept that she knew nothing, there are allegedly 22 MP's who are involved immediately in this from then and part of FIVE paedophile rings operating (at the time) around westminster.

What's interesting is that foreign news portals are reporting daily on this now so there is no going back. Here's a piece in the Mirrror about Dolphin square...
No one says there is any "going back". As you well know, the current Home Secretary has been trying to set up an inquiry for a long time, and was on the radio yesterday talking about her frustrations, most of which stem from a bitter division of opinion among the alleged victims about the scope of the inquiry and the sort of person they want heading it. Some want a judge to help force people to testify while others want someone low-key, less intimidating and more 'ordinary'. The remit of the inquiry is also the subject of dispute and seems to be the bigger problem to me. It's all well and good to be very wide ranging, covering a number of generations, locations and alleged perpetrators, but you suspect that this lack of focus will make it almost impossible to manage, and that it will drift on for years and end up with a confused conclusion that will satisfy no one.

Forgive me if I prefer to see evidence presented in a legal inquiry rather than in the tabloids. You can imagine the hand rubbing that's going on -- child sex, MPs, cover-ups, murder.... For a tabloid journo all their Christmases have come at once.

All I've seen so far is salacious speculation and anonymous witnesses making vague claims and tabloid papers. As I've said, I've no doubt that there is something behind this, though speculation about organised rings and prime ministerial cover ups is not helpful. It's incredibly easy, and unethical, for Fleet St hacks to write what they want about once-powerful dead people, based on uncheckable gossip from invisible sources.
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