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Re: IRS Coming to Switzerland - literally!

"Inside Paradeplatz" picked up the story of the IRS agents coming to Switzerland. The blogger thinks the purpose of the visit is for the IRS to mark its conquered territory, similar to what gangs do. Below is a translation courtesy of Isaac Brock Society:

“US Tax Police: Command Performance by the Victors in Zurich

Officials from the Internal Revenue Service to consult voluntarily – on the soil of the “armpit” district in the city of Zurich – Swiss Federal Government in Bern finds nothing wrong with it.

24/12/2014 by Lukas Hässig

“The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is Coming to Switzerland”, says the invitation of the US Embassy in Bern for a two-day event at the end of January in Zurich’s district 4, a blue collar and nightlife area.

The idea of the event is to call US taxpayers to conscience to show that they have power over the world for monetary obligations.

On the US Embassy website, which is promoting the event, is a detailed list of who might owe something to Uncle Sam.

The occasion and the information campaign around it remind you of a victorious power preaching fire and brimstone on conquered territory.

The basis for this is the genuflection by Switzerland in August 2013. The so-called “US Program for Banks” committed the financial center to comprehensive fines and disclosure of all employees.

The United States will use the money for its debts and investments and the names from the banks to help them hunt down the tax evaders.

The big tax war was decided with the “deal” in August 2013. Since then, Switzerland is astonished with the consequences.

Banks that have taken their place in the so-called guilty category 2, note that they are being bled to death. Although they may have had only a few US black money accounts, they have betrayed their people and will pay fines.

In addition, an eternal chokehold threatens. Now some banks are trying to free themselves from the embrace by jumping into the not-guilty category 3.

The maneuvers of the Swiss financial institutions do not seem to impress the strategists of the superpower. Their campaign continues as if they own the territory of Switzerland.

On January 26, 2015 specialists are to fly from the IRS office in Paris to explain US tax requirements at the Zurich event.

According to the announcement on the US Embassy website, IRS officials will provide a “limited number of 15-minute private consultations on individual tax matters”.

Nearly 50 people have been registered in a single dedicated Doodle registration for such private consultations. Around 50 interested people also signed up for the “public presentation on tax-related information” for US taxpayers.

At the Swiss Federal government in Bern, the advance of the IRS is not an issue. Neither the Swiss Federal Justice Department nor the Swiss Federal Tax Administration see a violation of Swiss law.

The Attorney General, in charge of national criminal matters, waved off. “Pure consultations are not criminally relevant,” said a spokeswoman.

The IRS occasion in District 4 sheds light on the self-image of the US in tax matters. “You Can Run But You Cannot Hide”. Washington is calling its flock.

No matter where one lives: Americans remain taxable, whoever has any connection to the land of opportunity.

This may be a birth on US soil, a work permit, a longer period of study or of course citizenship.

With global control in place, the Swiss banks are now willing helpers for the US sheriff.

This is the case of a Swiss, who officially returned his “green card”, i.e., work permit, in early 2013 at the US Mission in Lima, Peru.

Shortly thereafter, he was asked by UBS for any US connections. The customer checked the box for all questions regarding America with “No”.

Nevertheless, the Bank in 2014 asked him to submit a tax certificate. Because he did not respond, UBS told him in November to sell all of his assets and will block his accounts by January 2015.

As a reason the Swiss bank gave to its customers that he was subject to relevant regulations as a “US Person residing outside the United States”.

The trigger was the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). With this Act, the banks around the globe collect all asset information from “US Persons” for the attention of the American world power.

FATCA and earlier disclosures for Americans abroad make all stakeholders transparent citizens.

Such is the case is from a Swiss perspective: Whether a customer cuts the ropes to the US, he remains within reach of the Americans.

Thanks kindly to UBS & Co.”
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