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Re: Laundry room ettiquette - help!

Ah the delights of a communale washing machine. In the apartment block where we used to live the "Portuguese mafia" had decided the machine was theirs, even though we had a rota. I frequently found other peoples stuff in when it was my turn. I took it out & folded it. We ended up buying a Kenwood mini washing machine - not plumbed in, with a pipe that hooked over the bath. One day when I was doing a load of bedding in the communal machine, one f the women had a go at me - even though it was my allotted time. Once I said I'd had a baby all was right with the world again. It would appear giving birth gives you adequate rights to use the machine.
In your case the reply would be don't leave your stuff in the machine once it has finished if you don't want someone touching it. If it happens regularly, is there a concierge you can talk to about putting up a notice telling people to respect the machines finishing times?
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