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Considering moving to Switzerland or Germany from France


Im currently work in Basel and have lived on the French side for 5 years. However some things are making me consider moving to either Switzerland or Germany.

1. My daughter had a major illness last year and the great doctor she has is leaving. No one is replacing her and the new doctor who is further away has huge waiting lists for appointments. I had an emergency last month and couldn't get to see the specialist for nearly a week.

2. The compulsory joining of the French Health System.

considering either -Weil am Rhein or Basel.

I would like to hear from people who have experience of this. I am a single mother, so what benefits would and tax breaks are available in either country. I get the child allowance from Switzerland, but is there anything in addition to this.

1. If we move to Germany, could she still go to school in France? I heard of people doing this but not really sure if it true or not.

Any specific tax breaks for single parents?

2. Switzerland, if I took healthcare in Switzerland after moving, would there be any problems because of pre-existing condition?

Any input is greatly appreciated.
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